Elma Schemenauer

YesterCanada – Historical Tales of Mystery and Adventure Review by Slavomir Almajan      It deserves five-star rating indeed! It is also a must-read book for readers of any age, any gender, any culture… Elma Schemenauer invaded my searching heart with a new level of curiosity, way beyond  “let’s see what else is new” realm. … More Elma Schemenauer

End of a Poem

“How long you live” is better said “how much” But in conclusion, this life is nothing but A totally unprepared speech, in a new tongue, Started from scratch…

Your Tears

Your tears, darling, resemble a sea, A shore less sea, if I may say so… There is nothing to hang your dreams on, Nothing beyond, nowhere to go…   As you cry or whisper your will I can see some timelessness here and there, Don’t dilute those live particles of love Don’t waste their touchlessness … More Your Tears

Sandy Shore

I feel like I carry a burden and a sigh from I don’t know where, strong enough, painful enough and lavishly clear.   The wings of beauty will show up, I think, with their irresistible joy in the flow of peace and beauty of this moment.  My heart melts in some unspoken words, in a silent … More Sandy Shore

About The Stones

There must something, something Mysterious at least about the stones, A frozen velocity, a flight somehow Fallen from between the wings…   They have a story behind them, They’re just a bit heavier than the dry bones… They aren’t just crushing Those ocean waves in vain! Somehow you feel there’s a language smoldering, Petrified moments, … More About The Stones