SOMETHING AT LEAST… by Slavomir Almajan

Something at Least…

Everything seems to be in its place…

You buy at overprice a pound of dirt

One dog and one man share a pace

And keep each other aware and alert…


The butcher’s daughter is playing the flute

I dig a well somewhere in the skies…

Something, at least, should be quiet and smooth

Something, at least, should be nice!…


The baby’s cry tells you the real price of milk,

Two destinies crossed each other at the traffic lights

There must be a common place for heavy metal and silk

And smiles, and cries, and stones, and gigabytes…


There is a forest somewhere in The Milky Way,

With shady valleys and happy creeks

“You’re dreaming too much”, some will say,

But I am only seeing what my inmost seeks…


Yes, everything seems to be in its place,

The moments fly over my head.

I used to talk to them, face to face,

Before letting them go or move ahead…


I used to dig wells in the stormy skies,

Something at least should be nice!


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