WE DON’T NEED TO HIDE by Slavomir Almajan


As we open ourselves, that means being vulnerable in love, we are stepping beyond our own boundaries in both, love and power. Our  maturity, as humans, stays not in how much we know but in knowing that we need one another. It expands not only  our area of knowledge but also the contact area with the unknown.

Therefore, let’s talk…  I open a communication avenue through this little blog. I find pleasure in not being perfect and that I depend on the Grace of God for every piece of wisdom that I can speak or write down and I hope you do also…

We are facing, every day, situations that rarely work for our comfort but, as reasoning beings, we are created to rule over them through the power of choice, therefore of free will. To every “visible” reality there are layers of realities created by our perceptions. And that’s were communication through fellowship comes extremely handy.  By each of our humble “what if?” we are one step closer not necessarily to the hard essence of existence but rather to the heart of our fellow and consequently to the heart of God.

Who is really shaping our lives and who we really are?  The fluid standards of this world are are grossly overreaching by trampling on the most delicate areas of our beings.  They want to blind us to ourselves. They want to be my and your eyes…

That being said, let us talk! By simply posting a comment on somebody else’s ideas or writing your own, you become one of my dearest friends…


Slavomir Almajan


5 thoughts on “WE DON’T NEED TO HIDE by Slavomir Almajan

  1. Ah, Dad, this is painfully true… I am afraid of the process of soul dissection which might reveal how much of my life is really just a nod to the status quo… I wonder if we reflect the culture to an extent that is so beyond the threshold of “permissible assimilation”, whatever that may mean… this is an invitation to pause, be still, and know: know God in all of His majesty, and know ourselves in all of our poverty.


  2. Thanks Slavomir; in my mind, dialog among us is truly a requisite since it can ‘start the ball rolling’. But, a rolling ball is a bit unpredictable. So, here goes….

    Your opening line intrigued me as you linked ‘openness’ to ‘vulnerability’ & ‘love’ – both of these possibly demonstrated by “stepping beyond our own boundaries”. Is this not precisely the attitude of mind that God clearly ‘demonstrated’ when he took the historical & unprecedented step of leaving the boundary of His ‘abode’ so that He could abide for a time among us in order to demonstrate what love really was? As an infant He was incredibly vulnerable; I’ve always been intensely struck by the line in our Christmas hymn*, “Veiled in flesh, the Godhead see, Hail th’ incarnate deity,”. Talk about vulnerability… &, of course, love that was demonstrated by laying down His life for us “while we were yet (roaring) sinners”.

    You go on to talk about the “maturity…in knowing that we need each other” (& clothe ourselves with immaturity??). I would venture that we mostly only pay lip service to this concept. Rather, we have bought in heavily to the secular idea of independence &, frankly, do not need each other at all. You’re right when you opine that the “standards of this world… tramp(le) on the most delicate areas of our beings.” In fact, I think those ‘standards’ have subtly but powerfully infiltrated & corrupted our functioning. Where is the evidence of a body ‘fitly joined together’ or, indeed, of a body that needs or even appreciates each functioning part. In my opinion, we’ve settled for form over function on this one. But, I hasten to add, on this issue, my tongue is in my cheek (or is it?)…

    Now, where will the ball roll??

    * I wonder if we will, in our newfound wisdom, & newly developed appetites, soon begin to throw out this seasonal hymn also….


    1. Thanks Dave… As always, I appreciate your opinion and our dialogs were always fruitful. You are a good listener and reader. I really appreciate your friendship.


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