Are you still there

It seems like, timelessly happy, they are still there

Under the same linden tree, laughing their troubles away

Like they were here to burry those fossils everywhere

To prop the skies with the church towers, to plow the day…

I can still see their ages climbing afresh like a morning dew

Away from the trenches unleashing these hyper fairy tales

Under this shady linden tree nothing is old, nothing is new

These villagers are crossing from age to age, blazing  the  trails…

Sometimes they shepherd in their barren pastures some mysterious flocks

Sometimes they work their present from bad to even worse

Who can teach them to sing, or to throw the rocks?

They rode throughout history the same and only horse.

Who can teach them to dream through the short winter days

To carve their weddings to count their legends stone by stone,

The stars aren’t that bright, they say, nowadays…

They used to be closer together, now they shine alone…

It seems like always they are seeping their glorious wine

While sharing their timelessness under the shady linden tree.

Are you still there, sweet villagers of mine?

Don’t get your nightingales through speech therapy!


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