Like an Error Correction

Like an Error Correction

It is you on one side

And me

On the other side of the silence.

We agree as weird as it comes

That there is Poetry

Quiet and humble beyond what

We can call by the first name.

Words, rhymes, and easy metaphors,

 Brown bag lunches, assorted, vacuum packed

nuts and yellow raisins

Crowd the library shelves…

Oh, how we color the world

With stereo nightingales and larks!

But there, way out there,

A universe moving sigh,

The never-mind,

Like an error correction.

The Night of a Family Dog

The night is crawling

Heartless and slow

Moonless above.

Nothing to guard but a wind

Playing the squeaky gates…

Nothing to throw a bark on, nothing to show for

When a push comes to shove.

The daylight breaks the silence,

Wet grass echoing bells of fog

And the cold creeps in

Chasing away the sleepiness

Of that old farmer’s dog

The Scenery of Inner Me

This is I, whether you see me or not,

A built-in chaos, too bothersome

For a good night sleep.

Mountains of blue annoyances!

Stop it! You are not the sky,

Not my sky, at least!

To many graves in my deep within,

So many that I shed tombstones

Through my tears.

So much past in my life of past dues

So many start overs, so many fears.

“Tomorrow will be a better night,

Better than all tomorrows” says the poet,

“Let it be, I shall be fine,

Buried in death and sorrows,

None of those mine”

Nothing New

The same as wherever

From bellow to above…

A man and a dog,

And the leash in their love.


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