Dare to be yourself!

  If we conform to the market place or editors’ demands before we conform to who we are and meant to be, all our struggles with creative writing will be nothing more than a petty rewriting of old and stale talking points.

Elma Schemenauer

YesterCanada – Historical Tales of Mystery and Adventure Review by Slavomir Almajan      It deserves five-star rating indeed! It is also a must-read book for readers of any age, any gender, any culture… Elma Schemenauer invaded my searching heart with a new level of curiosity, way beyond  “let’s see what else is new” realm. … More Elma Schemenauer

End of a Poem

“How long you live” is better said “how much” But in conclusion, this life is nothing but A totally unprepared speech, in a new tongue, Started from scratch…

Your Tears

Your tears, darling, resemble a sea, A shore less sea, if I may say so… There is nothing to hang your dreams on, Nothing beyond, nowhere to go…   As you cry or whisper your will I can see some timelessness here and there, Don’t dilute those live particles of love Don’t waste their touchlessness … More Your Tears

Sandy Shore

I feel like I carry a burden and a sigh from I don’t know where, strong enough, painful enough and lavishly clear.   The wings of beauty will show up, I think, with their irresistible joy in the flow of peace and beauty of this moment.  My heart melts in some unspoken words, in a silent … More Sandy Shore