As we open ourselves, that means being vulnerable in love, we are stepping beyond our own boundaries in both, love and power. Our  maturity, as humans, stays not in how much we know but in knowing that we need one another. It expands not only  our area of knowledge but also the contact area with the unknown.

Therefore, let’s talk…  I open a communication avenue through this little blog. I find pleasure in not being perfect and that I depend on the Grace of God for every piece of wisdom that I can speak or write down and I hope you do also…

We are facing, every day, situations that rarely work for our comfort but, as reasoning beings, we are created to rule over them through the power of choice, therefore of free will. To every “visible” reality there are layers of realities created by our perceptions. And that’s were communication through fellowship comes extremely handy.  By each of our humble “what if?” we are one step closer not necessarily to the hard essence of existence but rather to the heart of our fellow and consequently to the heart of God.

Who is really shaping our lives and who we really are?  The fluid standards of this world are are grossly overreaching by trampling on the most delicate areas of our beings.  They want to blind us to ourselves. They want to be my and your eyes…

That being said, let us talk! By simply posting a comment on somebody else’s ideas or writing your own, you become one of my dearest friends…


Slavomir Almajan


7 thoughts on “LET US TALK!…

  1. Hello Slavomir; I appreciate your following, “Through The Cracked Window,” it means a great deal to me.

    I like what you have written above, and agree wholeheartedly with the idea that we are interconnected. I look forward to some interesting discussions. – Stephen


  2. It is my pleasure, Stephen. In the future, if you allow me I will re-blogg some of your posts. It is interesting what you see through the cracked window…


    1. Va fi si unblog in limba romana. Numele meu este Slavomir Almajan. Spuneti-mi, vsa rog ceva despre dumneavoastra.


  3. Nimic deosebit despre mine. Mă numesc Angela-Monica Jucan (ortodoxă). Mai demult, citisem câteva articole de-ale dumneavoastră (v-am și citat undeva 🙂 !), apoi, „v-am pierdut urma”. Acum, am găsit acest blog. M-aș bucura să mă anunțați (cu link, cu tot) când îl deschideți pe cel în română. Gând bun!


    1. Ati mai publicat pe undeva? Editura TIM din Resita mi-a publicat un volum de eseuri (Zbor Cazut intre Aripi). Nu stiu daca libraria CASA CARTII din Resita mai are niste exemplare. Eu, personal nu am decat unul pentru mine. Daca ai niste linkuri cu publicatiile tale te rog sa mi le trimiti. As fi bucuros sa-ti ofer opiniile mele…


      1. Am greșit (uitasem)! Nu v-am citat, ci doar am menționat titlul „Poetul și marea (2)”, aici: https://ebibliothecaseptentrionalis.wordpress.com/2011/09/08/vesnicie-pe-pamant-sarbatoarea-nasterii-maicii-domnului/
        La librăria din Reșița, probabil nu mai au exemplare din cartea dumneavoastră (pentru că nu figurați în lista autorilor).
        Dacă doriți să mai „vorbim”, aș prefera să-mi scrieți pe adresa angelamonicajucan[at]yahoo.com (unde, evident, în loc de [at] e @). Pe de o parte, adresa pe care mi-am dat-o aici o folosesc mai rar, pe de alta, nu cred că e de interes public ce vorbim și nici nu se referă la blog.


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